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The car tax differs from state to state, but it is so low that it is believed not to exist. Especially against the background of the amount of compulsory auto insurance, reaching $ 1,300- $ 1800 per year 🙂

Just once a year you pay about $ 40-60 for registering a car at your place of residence, get a sticker with numbers, stick it on the windshield and forget it until next year. What’s interesting: this is done online, you don’t have to go anywhere, the sticker comes in a few days by mail.


In the US, there is a property tax paid by homeowners.
It is quite tangible, so it’s worth mentioning it.

For example, let’s say you have a house worth $ 280,000. You will be paying property taxes, which can range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 depending on the state. This means payments of $ 200-500 every month!

For example, Texas has the largest real estate tax in the United States, while in California it is already 3 times less! But don’t panic – don’t forget the difference in the cost of a house in Texas and a house in California 🙂 In California, the houses themselves cost on average 2 times more, and the tax amount is not that small.


A large part of the American’s quality of life is sales tax . This is a tax levied by each state separately on each item sold in its territory. For example, a pack of chips may cost $ 2.00 in TV advertising, but in stores in different states, the price of the same chips may vary: from $ 2.04 (Alaska) to $ 2.40 (Chicago). This means that going to the grocery store in different states you spend different amounts of money, which cannot but affect the quality of life.

Everything you consume: buy groceries, go to a restaurant, buy clothes, fill up and fix your car, buy furniture, and practically everything is subject to sales tax. And in the states where it is higher – all prices are higher.